UK House and Trance Radio and Club DJ - Mark Elliott
UK House and Trance Radio and Club DJ - Mark Elliott

UK Funky House DJ - UK Radio DJ - UK Club DJ

Dorian Mark Elliott has been DJing professionally since 1996, and has played at numerous clubs and radio stations across London, Birmingham, the West and East of England.  Originally from Oxford, he began his career as a technical operator for Bristol's commercial radio station GWRFM in 1991 at the tender age of 17. He worked behind the scenes for several years before moving to a twice weekly on-air slot on Birmingham's Choice FM in 1996, having been brought to the attention of the station's programme controller Neil Greenslade.  Then, under the auspices of radio programming guru Paul Chantler, he quickly progressed to gain weekly shows on Essex FM and the newly launched Vibe FM in East Anglia, starting both in 1997.  His now famous weekly resident show on Saturday nights on Essex FM is still going strong, having recently celebrated its milestone 10th birthday in March 2007.

His interest in mixing had been inspired by numerous trips to The Fridge and Trade clubs in London, and having deluged The Fridge with demo tapes, he was finally given a chance to realise his dream by taking up residency at The Fridge Bar in 1997.  This then led to many other events, including a weekly residency at The Fridge's main Saturday night Love Muscle between Feb 98 and Oct 99 and again between Mar 02 and Apr 03 (and as the night's main DJ for most of 1999).  Then followed a residency at Candy Flip/Heresy Bristol in 1999, and a chance to do the world famous Trade Test Lounge in Feb 2000.  In 2001 he joined the regular DJ line up at one of Birmingham's biggest clubs, Nightingale Club, and has appeared there monthly ever since.

Mark has also done some international touring in his career, including playing in Durban, South Africa on New Year's Eve 2000.

Other notable recent appearances include DJing at the Summer and Christmas parties at the world famous ultra exclusive Soho House in London's West End since July 2003.

Mark is a versatile DJ and is capable of spinning a variety of musical styles. For his shows on Essex FM and Vibe FM, and for his appearances at the Fridge, he plays commercial/uplifting house. For his show on Galaxy 102.2 Birmingham, his residency at The Nightingale and his appearances at Trade and Candy Flip he plays a mixture of funky disco house and harder more progressive house.

DJ Credits:


Love Muscle @ The Fridge, London - Bi Weekly Sat 2200-0200 (Feb 98 - Jan 99)

Love Muscle @ The Fridge, London - Weekly Sat night 0100-0500 (Jun - Oct 99)

Rise & Shine @ Fridge Bar, London - Weekly Sun 0600-1100 (Jul 97 - Mar 00)

Candy Flip @ Club Loco, Bristol - Monthly Sat night, 0200-0400 (Aug 98 - Jun 99)

Splash @ DV8, Cardiff - Weekly Fri, 2200-0200 (Jul 99 - Nov 99)

2XS @ Gardening Club, London - Weekly Sun night, 0200-0400 (Dec 99 - Jan 00)

Pool Nightclub, Brighton - Weekly Fri night, 2200-0200 (Dec 00 - Mar 01)

Splash Club, Bristol - Weekly Fri & Sat 2300-0300 (Sep 01 - Feb 02)

Love Muscle @ The Fridge, London - Monthly first Sat 0100-0330 (Mar 02 - Apr 03)

Nightingale Club, Birmingham - Monthly 4th Sat 0000-0200 (May 01 - May 10)

Queer, Manchester - Monthly 1st Sat 2230-0000 (May 09 - Apr 10)

Essential Club, Manchester - Monthly 1st Sat 0100-0400 (May 09 - Apr 10)


Galaxy 102.2 Birmingham - Weekly Sat 2300-0000 (Oct 96 - Mar 01)

Vibe FM (East of England) - Weekly Sat 2300-0000, 0100-0200 (Nov 97 - Apr 02)

Essex FM - Fri 2300-0100, Weekly Sat 2300-0000 (Mar 97 - present)

Special Events:

Famous Five @ Bagleys Warehouse, King's Cross, Bank Holiday (Apr & May 98)

Love Muscle @ Summer Rites Festival, Brockwell Park (Aug 98)

Essex FM Big Beach Bash (Aug 98)

Love Muscle @ Granada Studios, Manchester Mardi Gras 99

Club Tasty Club Tour Events (Galaxy & Essex FM) 1998 - 2000

Trade Test Lounge (Feb 00)

Essex FM Big Beach Bash (Aug 00)

Tour of South Africa, including Chaos, Durban (NYE 2000)

Galaxy 102.2 Club Tour of Birmingham (Harley's, The Lite Bar and Sofa Sofa) (2001 - 2003)

Gorgeous, Portsmouth, Bank Holiday and Easter (Jul 03 & Apr 04)

Vanity (Watford & Croydon) (Sep 06, Dec 07)

Soho House, London, Glitter & Twisted Parties (Jul 03, May 04, Dec 04, May 05, Dec 05, Dec 06, Dec 07)

All these events had attendances ranging from 1500 at Bagleys to 27,000 at the Essex FM roadshow. Mark was the main (or co-main!) DJ at each of the club events.

UK Funky House DJ - UK Radio DJ - UK Club DJ

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